Applications to the City's Committees & Commissions


    Campbell River City Council invites volunteers to join three new advisory committees on community planning, environmental protection and a healthy community, including public safety.

    Be part of the teams that advise City Council on widely-held priorities – to help continue the momentum toward achieving the community’s long-term vision for Campbell River.

    Information and applications are available at City Hall or at the links below.

    Application for Appointment to Council Advisory Committee

    Advisory Committee Bylaw 3698, 2018

    Apply today! Deadline is 4:30 p.m., Monday, July 16, 2018

    Questions? Please contact Elle Brovold, City Clerk at 250-286-5709 or email

    The new advisory committees will have nine voting members and one non-voting Council liaison. They will begin their work this fall, providing comprehensive advice to City Council based on the unique skills and knowledge of the committee members.

    Community Planning Committee – will make recommendations on community visioning topics such as long-range planning, transportation, utilities and parks planning, the Official Community Plan and Zoning bylaws, affordable housing, economic and development issues and opportunities, public art, neighbourhood development and downtown revitalization.

    a)  3 (three) members who have experience and expertise in such areas as community planning, architecture and land development;

    b) 1 (one) member with experience and expertise in economics or finance;

    c) 1 (one) member to represent the Campbell River Arts Council;

    d) 1 (one) member to represent the arts community;

    e) 1 (one) member to represent the business community;

    f)  2 (two) members to represent the **community at large. 

    **non-affiliated with specific group listed

    Environmental Advisory Committee – provides advise on issues related to waterfront, foreshore and estuary restoration and protection, conservation areas and passive parks, streams and wetlands, landfills, organic waste (composting), energy and emissions, the effects of climate change (storm severity, sea level rise), watershed and water conservation and ecosystem services.

    a)  2 (two) members of the **community at large who have an interest in the areas of environmental/sustainability, conservation and environmental protection;

    b)  2 (two) members to represent the business and industry community;

    c)  1 (one) registered Biologist;

    d)  1 (one) member to represent Fisheries and Oceans Canada;

    e)  1 (one) member to represent the Ministry of Environment;

    f)  1 (one) member to represent the Discovery Coast Greenways Land Trust;

    g) 1 (one) member to represent the Campbell River Environmental        Committee.

       ** non-affiliated with specific group listed

    Healthy Community & Public Safety Committee – will make recommendations on matters concerning community health and social wellbeing, including public safety, downtown security, homelessness and emergency and transition housing (including the extreme weather shelter), assisting social services providers and the opioid crisis.

    a)  1 (one) member to represent the John Howard Society;

    b)  1 (one) member to represent the Salvation Army;

    c)  1 (one) member to represent Campbell River Family Services Society;

    d)  1 (one) member to represent the Provincial Ministry of Mental Health & Addictions;

    e)  1 (one) member to represent the Vancouver Island Health Authority;

    f)   1 (one) member representing the Campbell River RCMP;

    g)  1 (one) member representing the City’s downtown security contractor;

    h)  1 (one) member to represent the business community;

    i)   1 (one) member to represent the **community member at large

       ** non-affiliated with specific group listed

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