This expo incorporates a plant sale, seed swap, vendors, demos, Community Groups, Lil' Sprouts Corner (for kids), Concession and much more. If you are interested in participating, contact:

Linda Nagle (250) 286-7805 

Judy Ridgway (250) 286-1161

When: Sunday, Mar 19, 11am-2pm
Where: Community Centre
Cost: FREE entry for shoppers


If you are interested in becoming one of our vendors, please complete the Vendor Application and return to the Sportsplex as soon as possible. Thank you!

City of Campbell River, Parks Department 
Michael Ronald & Linda Nagle

Bring your gardening questions to Mike, a Horticulturist with the Parks Department. Michael can help with your questions on pruning, starting seeds, preserving produce and keeping hens.

Linda will be available to chat about community gardens, urban orchards, urban hens and urban agriculture in Campbell River.


Speedibin- Joyce McMenamon

Speedibin is all about backyard composting! Developed in Merville, the metal compost bin is built to keep out rats and be easy to use. Turn waste into earth!  Speedibins are also on display at the CR Compost Education Centre and are available at the CR Garden Centre.

Visit our booth, check out this new composter and play the ‘Test your composting skills’ game!

Joyce McMenamon
Fresh Earth Products
888-701-2303 Toll free|
250-337-8228 Merville

Backyard composting made easy!”

Salts Spring Seeds- Rupert

Since 1986, Salt Spring Seeds has been supplying seeds to farmers and gardeners, promoting organic growing, and encouraging people to save their own seed. We carry lots of very special grains, beans, vegetables, herbs and flowers. All our seeds are organically grown, untreated, open-pollinated and non-GMO. We grow all our own seeds and sell only our most recent harvest.​ 

J&R Farms – Jim and Rose McCulley

At J&R Farm we sell Mason Bee cocoons, nesting boxes, tubes, & a bool called “Pollinating with Mason Bees”. We also have a variety of home canning products. We have been dealing with the Mason Bees for 8 years & the canning for 11 years. We are located in South Nanaimo.

Rose & Jim McCulley
J&R Farm

Mason Bee Central – Gordon Cyr

I started raising mason bees 15 years ago to pollinate my fruit trees. Every year my numbers increased and then started a website and things have just grown from there. I started with 20 bees and am now up to 225,000.

I supply about 500 local area homeowners with mason bees and homes every spring and am planning an expansion down Island.

I am a founding member and past Vice-President of the Orchard bee association.

Winner of the 2016 NEDC Environmental business of the year award.

I pollinate orchards as well.

Greenways Land Trust – Cynthia Bendickson

Greenways Land Trust is a registered charity and conservation organization that works to enhance the community through creation and management of greenways networks, based on principles of stream and land stewardship. We act as an umbrella organization that works together with local stewardship groups, community organizations and local governments. Greenways is also Island Health's Food Security Hub for the Strathcona Region. The role of the Food Security Hub is to link existing food security organizations within the region with other like-minded groups and support the work of the Strathcona Food Action Committee. By developing networks and partnerships within the region, we help to 'connect the dots' and share best practices for developing food secure communities. We also host the Strathcona Food Network monthly gathering, which brings together a group of people to work on food security issues in the Regional District.

Campbell River Bonsai Club – Darlene Berry

The Campbell River Bonsai club was formed in 2008 by a small group of enthusiasts, since that time new and old members meet monthly to help and share information with each other. Meetings are held at the Sybil Andrews Cottage in Willow Point on the second Wednesday of each month 7pm – 9pm. The club has  a membership of around 25 members, some beginners and some with many years’ experience. 

New and prospective members are always welcome; no experience is necessary.

Contact Graham Hues for further information.

Campbell River Garden Club

The Campbell River Garden Club has been growing and generously sharing local knowledge, pleasures and rewards of gardening since 1956.

We share through regular meetings, guest speakers, visits to gardens and nurseries, plant sales and special projects, and associated social events. Anyone interested in sharing local gardening experiences is welcome to join us!

Coastal Invasive Species - Rachelle McElroy


Be PlantWise! Coastal ISC will be featuring alternatives to common invasive plants for your garden and how to be PlantWise!

Commit to not buying invasive species and be a PlantWise ambassador. Learn about full subsidies available for controlling Knotweed spp. and Giant Hogweed on your property in the Comox Valley.

Bring your burning invasive species questions for one of our staff to answer.

Bugs with Benefits - Debbie Foster


Bugs with Benefits is a beneficial predatory insect provider located in Coombs. I grow and distribute insects to be used in greenhouses as well as outdoor garden applications. Common bugs I offer are: Ladybugs for aphids, Podisus for caterpillars, hypoaspis for fungus gnat, cucumeris for thrips, californicus for spider mites and nematodes for beetle and weevil larva. I will have products available at Seedy Saturday that focus primarily on indoor growing, and will be taking orders for outdoor products for later in the spring.

Backyard Bloomers- Sherry Jessee 

Backyard Bloomers is a 100% locally grown cut flower source.  We offer seasonal cut flowers, dahlia tubers and seeds.   We can be found at the Farmers Market in Courtenay or visit us on Facebook @warwickdahlias

Ross Mountain Farm

Steve and Michelle own and operate Ross Mountain Farm, a 3 ½ acre certified organic farm in Campbell River. Most locals are familiar with their location, at the corner of Petersen and Evergreen Roads, across from the old Evergreen School.

They started converting their property to a farm in 2010, shortly after Michelle got the great idea that she should be a farmer. Once the concept was set, the decision to grow blueberries and to seek organic certification followed easily.

Ross Mountain Farm has been certified organic by the Islands Organic Producers Association since 2013, the year of their first blueberry harvest.

The farm is Michelle’s full time pursuit, while Steve continues to work off the farm. Both of them devote all of their efforts to the farm, continuing to learn as they slowly develop the rest of the property and expand their produce offerings.

Ross Mountain Farm enjoys tremendous support from the community at large, and visitors to the area seek out their farm because they are certified organic.

Folks value the quality of fresh organic produce, grown with love, right in their neighbourhood – truly local.

Comox Strathcona Waste Management – Luisa Richardson

The Power of R
Luisa Richardson
Comox Valley Waste Management

The Power of R display will bring you up-to-date on recent changes in recycling services: You'll learn what is/is not recyclable and where. More importantly, you'll find out why certain items are not recyclable anywhere!

Gardeners will also discover one common garden practice that is threatening local forests. Find out about creating art and gift baskets by using alien invasive plants and get info on alternatives to dumping yard waste in green spaces.

Campbellton Community Garden

1700 - 15th Avenue Campbell River

Phase 1 of the Campbellton Community Garden was established in June of 2015 on a piece of parkland located on the 1700 block of 15th Avenue in Campbell River. The garden went from a concept in the fall of 2014 to an established garden by June of 2015. The initial phase had 18 raised beds, a garden shed and also accommodated the existing children’s play structures. In 2016 the garden moved into phase 2 with 15 more raised beds and new children’s play equipment.

The Campbellton Garden is the third community garden in Campbell River. All the beds are currently rented and there is a dynamic garden committee who help organize and support the membership. The committee has a wealth of knowledge to share on establishing and growing urban gardens.

CV Growers and Seed Savers

Our mission is to conserve and preserve our local plant diversity by encouraging and supporting
public participation in growing heritage and non-hybrid food crops and other plants.

 We have monthly meetings which start with a presentation on a garden related topic followed by a spread of vegetarian organic snacks and drinks and time for socializing and talking about our gardens.



Backyard Botanicals

I started a small nursery a couple of years ago with the goal of providing locally grown herbs, vegetables and flowers. I began sales at local farmers' markets last year and I am very proud of our farming community and the people who support it by shopping local.

My goal is to grow plants that will encourage people to grow their own vegetables, herbs and flowers!

Cathy Moulton
Backyard Botanicals

Compost Education

Gayle learned to garden and compost with her grandparents – yup! old as dirt! ​

Since then she has successfully composted in the cold north, almost desert conditions and deep in the pacific rainforest.

She still loves the magic of composting, and will be focusing on the benefits of composting and avoiding/eliminating the most common challenges.




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